About Scruggs Company

Our Sustainability

We are dedicated to creating a better tomorrow by adopting sustainable practices today. Our commitment lies in providing a solid groundwork for future generations.

Saved landfills from 99,550 tons of waste by using recycled content in infrastructure projects in 2023.

Committed EPA Energy Star Partner (through our parent company, CPI)

Sponsor of NAPA’s Road Forward Initiative

Our Roads

Sustainability is crucial in the road construction and asphalt industry. It focuses on the environmental impact and long-term durability of transportation infrastructure. Our construction techniques and plants are built with sustainable designs to provide long-lasting solutions that minimize the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Our Materials


At all of our asphalt plants, we are committed to making our mixes more sustainable through warm mix technology and higher ratios of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) and RAS (Recycled Asphalt Shingles). By using recycled materials in tandem with advanced techniques, we are decreasing our footprint while creating a high-quality product that our communities can trust.


We have an extensive network that can supply various materials of varying sizes and qualities. Our experienced team takes practical steps to ensure that our process of extraction and processing is kept as unobtrusive as possible on the environment while still satisfying the needs of our customers. Through our commitment and expertise, we are proud to be a leading provider of reliable aggregates in the state.