• All injuries are preventable
  • Everyone has the right to work in a safe workplace
  • All employees and contractors are accountable for working safely and in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Safety must be planned into all our activities and receive the same level of attention as quality and productivity.
  • Employee involvement, training and communication are essential to achieve safety excellence


    • Sustain an effective Safety management system and promote a positive culture to prevent all injuries and work-related illnesses
    • Reduce pollution and minimize harm to the environment
    • Meet or exceed all applicable legal requirements, industry standards and societal expectations
    • Set objectives and targets to continually improve Safety management and performance
    • Provide timely and effective training resources and equipment
    • Identify hazards, evaluate risks, and ensure controls are in place
    • Learn from our incidents and apply corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence
    • Involve employees to improve safety performance
  • Measure and share our safety performance


The Scruggs Company is firmly committed to operating all its facilities and projects in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable safety and environmental regulations. Our goal is to provide an injury free work environment where facilities and projects are free of recognized hazards; and people, equipment and the environment are not placed at unreasonable risk of injury or damage.

The most valuable resource we have is our people. While quality and productivity are critical to our operations, they will never take precedence over the safety of personnel or protection of the environment.

To accomplish our goals, requires a unified team effort from all levels of the organization. 

Signature – Reece Akins, President