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Asphalt Plant Operator

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Operate asphalt plant controls to weigh and deliver specified quantities of aggregates and asphalt cement to make mix designs and then load onto trucks for weighing.
  • Operate the plant in a safe way to ensure safety of personnel working at the plant or delivering/receiving materials.
  • Monitor the operation and function of the plant throughout the workday.
  • Assist Plant Manager with ordering liquid asphalt, aggregates and other materials or parts.
  • Assist Plant Manager with ordering trucks to deliver materials and supplies to plant so the plant will continue to run in an efficient manner and meet required production schedules.
  • Assist Plant Manager with keeping required time records and reports of material produced and sold.
  • Keep plant office in a clean and orderly condition.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.

Job Duties:

  • Operate computerized controls for both drum and batch asphalt plants.
  • Assist with the total plant maintenance and routine servicing.
  • Perform a variety of tasks around the plant.  In the event assistance is needed, attend cold feed, run loader or dozer at bins and stockpile, general cleanup of facility, etc.
  • Occasional lifting of average to heavy weight material, especially when plant is under repair.

Job Requirements:

  • 2 years’ minimum experience preferred
  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Availability to work nights and the ability to work extended shifts when projects need materials or if plant breaks down.
  • Moderate physical demand is required.  
  • Ability to climb onto and off of machines.  
  • Ability to work at heights and in confined spaces.
  • Able to complete all required paperwork efficiently
  • Must be able to meet company MVR requirements and have a valid Georgia driver’s license
  • Employer conducts drug screening and background check


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